Tools/raw materials
e liquid

Method / Step 1:
Why smoke dry smoke?

Very normal. Because the main components of sesame oil, glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG), are highly absorbent substances. Any advertisement that says nothing is not credible. Only the ability of each person to secrete saliva is different. Some people have strong secretion ability and will not feel dry. If you happen to be part of a weaker secretion, just drink plenty of water. You don’t have to think about how to change the smoke oil. You can’t do it. The ingredients in the smoke oil are like this. No one can change it.

Method / Step 2:
What is waking up? Why wake up?

Smoke oil is composed of a variety of polymer composite chemicals. It also includes a variety of flavors, both oily and waterborne. Although the density between them is very close, there is still separation, like water and oil. The oil is awake to make them fully integrated with each other and finally reach a balance.

Method / Step 3:
Is it difficult to DIY smoke oil? is it safe?

It is not difficult to make your own oil. After selecting the materials, you can mix them according to the formula. The real risk of DIY smoke oil is the credibility of raw materials. Please try to choose an FDA, USP, EP certified supplier. It is definitely not a good thing to pursue low prices. After all, it is something that inhales the lungs.

Method / Step 4:
Why is the smoke oil soaked in the mouth without any taste?

Everyone’s feeling of smoke oil is not exactly the same. Some smokers who are addicted to cigarettes feel that the e-cigarette is not working, or is not as good as expected. It is completely normal. But sometimes novice players have too little smoke due to equipment setup problems. Since it has no impression of the first sense of the electronic cigarette, it is misunderstood that the electronic cigarette has no taste, and this is also the case. Honestly speaking, a well-modulated e-cigarette, in addition to the different tastes, the overall mouth feeling should be rich and sweet.

Method / Step 5:
Why is it that the smell of smoking with this atomizer is not as good as the other?

An excellent atomizer, depending on the degree of intake and the degree of atomization, may have its own style. Many players have 4 or 5 atomizers, but most of them are used by only one. Because the nebulizer is very close to his own feeling. Therefore, when novice players choose a nebulizer, try to choose popular ones, not affected by appearance and advertising words. Because the choice of most people is still worthy of reference.

Method / Step 6:
Smoke oil is too sweet, too tired, swollen?

Some of the smell of smoked oil is sweeter, so this taste may not be suitable for you. It may also be because the oil waking process of the oil is not fully completed and it is shipped. You can choose to try it for two weeks, or add a VG dilute flavor yourself, or you can choose a different flavor. So when we try new smoke oil for the first time, we don’t recommend buying a lot of big bottles at once, because that taste is not suitable for you. The old birds are buying the vials first, decide which flavor to smoke, and then buy a few more bottles of the same taste. The old bird is an old bird.

Method / Step 7:
Why do you faint when you take two?

Everyone is not as tolerant to nicotine. Smoke oil itself is a product containing nicotine. If you have a dizziness in smoking e-cigarettes, you can try low-nicotine-based smoke oil or nicotine-free smoke oil. If you still have a dizzy feeling, stop using the e-cigarette product immediately. After all, you can’t play healthy.

Method / Step 8:
What is the scorpion?

The reason for the scorpion is generally the first few mouths that have just been assembled. It is because the oil on the new cotton core is not fully volatilized before the oil is injected, and you are directly sucked up from the vent hole. Before closing the oil tank, please put a little bit of smoke oil on the new cotton core, ignite it to make it fully burnt, then there will be no such phenomenon.

Method / Step 9:
The longer the smoke oil is put, the better?

Absolutely not. Some smoke oils will become softer as the time spent waking up, but not all smoke oils, some of them will lose some of their flavor when they are put on for a long time. Any smoke oil should be used up as soon as possible after opening. The smoke oil is basically awake before leaving the factory, and there is not much need to wake up.

Method / Step 10:
How to judge the quality of smoke oil, and is suitable for yourself?

Even if we are a familiar friend, we don’t recommend the taste easily. Because he recommended him, he bought a taste of the wrong, people also know that it is not harming him, but after all, it is bought in real money. After all, smoke oil is a difficult situation. I don’t like it. I try different brands and tastes. You can find it right for you. We all come here. Try to buy a 10ML vial first.