E liquid knowledge popularization:With people’s awareness of health and environmental awareness and the country’s efforts to strengthen smoking bans, more and more students have initially chosen to operate the electronic cigarette products that have prevailed in China in recent years, but this is a chic thing for e-cigarettes. (Today, for most people in China, e-cigarettes are simply chic…), novices often break into choices, or rely on their subjective assumptions to make choices, or choose under the recommendation of the merchant. . People’s first sensory contamination often leads to a decisive determination of something. A poor trial will make people feel elated about the e-cigarette, and a good trial will let people receive this new thing.
The complete composition of the electronic cigarette is composed of smoking utensils + e liquid. Smoke oil is the soul, and smoking is the flesh. The presence of e liquid is to provide people with a mouthful of stomach and induction of their hobbies. The existence of smoking wares is to better flash such mouthparts or inductions. Here I will focus on the e liquid, the truth about smoking articles, I am not too masculine, too much god…

A good e liquid is really important for our students who are new to e-cigarette products. Before choosing, let’s take a closer look at what constitutes the constituents of e liquid.
e liquid is mainly composed of four substances: “micro nicotine”, “propylene glycol (Propylene Glycol)”, “Vegetable Glycerin” and “flavoring agent & flavor”.

Trace nicotine:
Also known as nicotine, it is an addictive substance for cigarettes. A small amount of nicotine in the oil can ensure that the addiction is met.
Pure nicotine is highly toxic, and the nicotine content in e liquid is often implied by XXmg or XXmg/ml. Individually, the timing of purchasing e liquid can be 24mg (ultra-high concentration), 18mg (high concentration), 11mg (medium concentration), 6mg (low concentration) or 0mg (no nicotine). The concentration of nicotine exceeding 24 mg is very dangerous to the body, so no manufacturer has been produced on the roots, but the customer will also be given such a request.
Nicotine is the first notice of e-cigarettes that have a “throat feeling”. The higher the concentration of nicotine in the e liquid, the stronger the “throat feeling”, but at the same time, the more the taste of the e liquid is weakened.
Many newcomers will ask: “What kind of nicotine-containing e liquid do I need?” This question is difficult to answer. Because the consumption of cigarettes and the demand for “throat throat” are different, the frequency of master smoke is also different. kind. Moreover, the divergent structure of the atomizer, the setting of the atomizing core, the influence of the airflow size of the atomizer on the “throat feeling” and the “energy efficiency of the lung for nicotine” have different experiences.
I smoked a pack of cigarettes two days before I smoked the cigarette. The concentration of nicotine in 18mg was slightly higher for me. When the master selects the concentration of nicotine, he advocates 11mg first, and then “more reductions” (11mg nicotine concentration is also recommended by foreign manufacturers, this concentration is a good balance of “throat throat” and “e liquid stomach” , that is, to satisfy your cravings and not to lose too much smoke and e liquid flavor).
No matter how nicotine is always a substance harmful to the human body, this is also the source of many people retaliating against the unhealthy “e-cigarette”. But compared with more than 4,000 harmful substances produced after cigarette incineration, nicotine is relatively healthy.

Propylene glycol (referred to as PG: Propylene Glycol):
It is a common drug and food additive, hygroscopic, slightly sweet, odorless, colorless and transparent, and its activity is similar to water. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s description of PG is “widely safe for the human body.”
PG, one of the base components of e liquid(bearing nicotine and flavoring & flavors), is important to “carry most of the flavor of e liquid” and produce “small amount of mist” and “throat feeling”. If you are happy and hobby “big smoke”, then the oil PG content you choose is not too high.
Of course, PG is widely safe for the human body, but a small number of people will still encounter some side effects similar to throat discomfort, phlegm, and allergies. This type of secondary dip is short and slightly, as long as you stop smoking or change the PG content of the smog (and some smog is PG), it will be fine.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG: Vegetable Glycerin):
It is a more common drug and food additive (used widely in the construction of cakes, chocolates and other sweets), it is very hygroscopic, sweeter than PG, odorless, colorless and transparent, and its activity is similar to edible e liquid.
VG, one of the base components of e liquid (bearing nicotine and flavorings & flavors), is important for producing “a large amount of fog.”
VG has nothing to do with the human body (no legend has been rumored to be allergic to chocolate…), but due to its sticky nature, it will slightly increase the difficulty of liquidation of the atomizer.
If you see a certain oily body sticky, then declare that the VG content is high.

Flavoring & Fragrance:
Needless to say, the various flavors of e liquid are all transferred from the flavoring agent. Flavorings and flavors are easier to rely on in PG (but relatively speaking, otherwise those pure VG smokers are not tasteless?). But it is worthy of the face: the higher the concentration of nicotine in the e liquid, the less easily the flavor and flavor are found by the nose and mouth. Some of the stomach’s flavors & flavors can also produce a “throat feeling”, such as mint. . . . . .
e liquid manufacturers are thousands of cut, but the conditional vaper (the person who smokes electronic cigarettes) still chooses big brands and domestic brands as much as possible. The flavors and fragrances used by small workshops and black heart companies to producee liquid are hard to guarantee safety, and the taste is doubled.

Please face up to: the same kind of e liquid in the different atomizers, settings may produce a complete divergence of personal experience
On the whole, e liquid is a relatively safe and low-harming substance, and the regular products of regular manufacturers can be operated with peace of mind.

If you want to be sweet, the smoke is big, and the “throat throat” is full of strength: choose high VG, high nicotine, minty e liquid.
If you want to be gentle, the amount of fog is moderate: check the PG/VG, medium and low nicotine e liquid.
If you want the flavor of the head is the way: choose low nicotine e liquid.
If you are too flustered ***: Choose high PG, high nicotine, pure mint flavored e liquid.
In the mouth and stomach, the mouth and stomach of the smoke liquid are various, but the roots are divided into three categories.
1. Simulated tobacco
2. Fruit Herbs
3. All kinds of food and beverage