Ws-23 Cooling Agent, Coolada:Food USP Grade Ws-23, Ws-3, Ws-12 Cooling Agent, Coolada, CAS: 51115-67-4         

Product Description Ws-23 Cooling Agent, Coolada is a very effective strong taste used in food, beverage, cosmetics and
personal care products.
Chemical Name N, 2, 3-Trimethyl-2-isopropyl Butanamide
CAS No 51115-67-4
EINECS 256-974-4
Molecular Formula C10H21NO
Appearance White crystalline powder
Odor Mild cooling, slight menthol odor
Purity >99%
Solubility Soluble in Ethanol and other organic solvents, PG. Slightly soluble in water
Main features 1. Continuous and long-lasting cooling and refreshing effect, having no hot, harsh and stinging sensation of Menthol and/or Peppermint.
2. Heat-Resistance: Heating under 200oC will not reduce the cooling effect, suitable to use in baking and other high-temperature heating processes
3. Its cooling intensity can maintain 15-30 minutes, enriching the refreshing of product and having no burning pain, stabbing and numbness, it’s cooler than traditional Menthol products.
4. Low dosage: 30-100mg/kg dosage will give a good cooling effect.
5. Excellent compatibility with other flavors, it can enhance the effect of the flavors. It also can be combined using with other cooling agents.
Usage Used in daily flavor, food flavor, tobacco flavor, medicines, and other products

Ws-23 Cooling Agent, Coolada
Sales Performance(Ws-23 Cooling Agent, Coolada)

Our Products are exported all over the world: USA, America, European countries like UK, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Greece, Finland, Norway, France, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Spain, Latvia, etc. Asia countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, etc. Our products are selling very well in these areas. And other countries like Australia, and so on. What’s more, for the high-quality products and superior service we provide, we’ve been high appreciated by our customers. We are getting more and more returning customers day by day.

Packing specification(Ws-23 Cooling Agent, Coolada)

Sample Size: 100gram
Customary Packing: 100g,500g, 1kg, 5kg and so on. (can pack according to customers’ request)
Low MOQ: 500gram
Shelf Life: 2 years if properly stored
Storage Conditions: Appropriate Temperature; Protected from Light.
Ws-23 Cooling Agent, Coolada
Mode of transport(Ws-23 Cooling Agent, Coolada)

Our customers from all over the world, USA, UK, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Korea, Vietnam, etc.

We always use FedEx, DHL, no problem.

Company Profile(Ws-23 Cooling Agent, Coolada)

Xi’an Taima Biological Engineering Co. Ltd. was founded on November 19th, 2008, consists of Flavors R&D centers, QC& QA center, Administrative Center and A High-Performing Sales Team. We specialize in the manufacture of various high concentrated flavors in China. Since its inception, the company is aiming at providing every customer with top best quality products and superior service at a reasonable and competitive price, all the time. And in the past 8 years, we’ve gained great progress.

How to order(Ws-23 Cooling Agent, Coolada)

1. Leave a message and we send you our updated flavor list.
2. Select which flavors you like.
3. We send you a proforma invoice.
4. Payment by Paypal, Western Union, T/T.
5. We ship the order and send you the tracking number.
Ws-23 Cooling Agent, Coolada

Our Advantages(Ws-23 Cooling Agent, Coolada)

1) we can guarantee the quality of the products;
2) Choose the safest way of transportation;
3) The fastest delivery speed;
4) We will be responsible for any quality problem in the products; the goods will be re-dispatched or make the refund.

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