1 The taste of e-liquid: generally divided into: fruit, baking, tobacco, mint.

The most acceptable for the domestic public is the fruit-based high VG e-liquid. Baking categories include (cake/cream/biscuits, etc.). This flavor of e-liquid often has a greasy feel and is suitable for occasional use of the mouthfeel. Tobacco-based e-liquids are generally simulated smoke, or most of them resemble cigars. However, tobacco-type smoky oils are still different from cigarettes, and they cannot extract the taste of cigarettes.

2 concentration of e-liquid: divided into: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg.

Nicotine content, the higher the concentration, the stronger the throat sensation, the higher the concentration may cause you to have a throat reaction. Generally, the lung sucker will choose between 0mg-6mg, most of them will not choose more than 6mg, and the mouth sucker player will choose 12mg. If you feel that the throat is not enough, you can purchase the diluted nicotine solution yourself. If the throat is too strong, add VG glycerol to dilute it. Some players are allergic to PG/propylene glycol, which can cause nausea, dizziness and other symptoms after use. This group of people can choose pure VG e-liquid.

3 The same bottle of e-liquid, the taste is different?

Different atomizers, different structures, different intake air volumes and different data may produce different shades. We basically fix a few kinds of e-liquid, and then find a nebulizer that is close to our own taste, so that it is easier to distinguish the flavor of e-liquid. Therefore, it is recommended that novices choose a nebulizer that is compatible.

4 Wake up, wake up oil is not important for a bottle of e-liquid?

Many people say that the e-liquid should wake up to be more mellow, and many people say that the e-liquid will wake up and wake up. But in fact, it is completely unnecessary. A bottle of finished e-liquid is delivered to the merchant’s hands and then to our personal hands. It has been a long time. This time is enough. Why do you need to wake up? What? DIY e-liquid is still recommended to take a few days to pump.

5 Shelf life and preservation of e-liquid: The shelf life of e-liquid on the market is about 1 year.

So we try to use it within 1 year. The method of preservation is the same as that of our edible beverages, so try to avoid direct sunlight.

6 Is the tongue sweet during smoking?

This problem is believed to have been encountered by many friends. This may be condensate, or it may be smoked. What should I do at this time? Increase the power to make the vape atomize thoroughly, and use a cotton swab to wipe it in the dripper.

7 What should I do with the atomizer leaking vape?

When the vape leakage problem occurs, the first thing we have to do is not to question the quality of the atomizer. If it is a finished core atomizer, first take the finished core and dry it, then dry it for a while to atomize. After the smoke in the core is burned out, reinstall it, and do not carry out the process of purging the core. This process is very likely to cause the atomizer to leak vape. If it is a DIY atomizer, first check if the amount of cotton is too small, resulting in oil leakage caused by not blocking the vape inlet hole. The second is to check the apron, thread and the like.

8 atomizer cleaning

Just get the hand atomizer, it is recommended to use hot water to soak it, you can cook it without looking at your personal preference. Remember to take the apron out when using hot water. Whenever we have finished a warehouse to replace the e-liquid, wash the glass bin, and other parts just need to wipe with a paper towel to be OK.

9 e-liquid has a paste

The biggest reason for the paste is that dry burning of cotton leads to a shortage of e-liquid. The effective solution is to reduce the amount of cotton, not to make the cotton compact, fluffy most important.

10 About playing big smoke hot mouth problem

The use of metal cigarette holders at high power, the hot mouth is a normal situation, the solution is to replace the cigarette holder in time.