Liquid Pure Nicotine丨bestvapenicotine

Name:1000mg/ml pure nicotine


Brand Name:Xi’an Taima

Chemical Formula:C10H14N2


Appearance:Colorless clear liquid,free from suspended matter

Delivery:5-8 days after payment

Payment:T/T,Western Union,PayPal,Bank Transfer,etc.


Shelf life:2 years

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Liquid Pure Nicotine Introduction

Xi’an Taima Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. is one of the largest flavor producers in the world. We professionally have been supplying pure nicotine liquid USP Grade,800 kinds of best Concentrated flavors( including tobacco series flavors, fruit series flavors, mint series flavors, flower series flavors and so on) , Powder/liquid Cooling Agent (WS-23, WS-5, WS-3, WS-12) and Powder Sweeteners Sucralose used for e-liquid for 11 years.


Liquid Nicotine Vape Molecular Structure

Liquid Pure Nicotine Product Detail

  • Name:Liquid Pure Nicotine
  • Brand: Xi’an Taima
  • Origin: China
  • Strength: 1000mg/ml
  • Purity: 99.95%
  • Appearance: Colorless, clear, free from suspended matter
  • Specification: 99.95%, 1000mg/ml pure liquid nicotine
  • Extract Part: Natural tobacco leaf
  • Chemical Formula: C10H14N2
  • CAS: 54-11-5
  • HS: 293999100
  • Analysis Method: HPLC
  • Shelf life: 2 years
  • Suggested storage conditions: Dry, ventilated, dark area, away from heat sources in tightly closed original packaging at temperature 0-10℃


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Liquid Pure Nicotine About


Xi’an Taima is one of the largest nicotine manufacturers in the world. It is because we have advanced technology, strict quality control, and less than 0.001% failure rate.

Nicotine is characterized by sensitivity, especially oxidation speed, roughness, and odor. After continuous research, Finally, we found that we needed advanced extraction techniques, high-quality tobacco, and proper storage methods.

Pure liquid nicotine is a natural product extracted from tobacco leaves. The filtered and purified nicotine meets the highest quality and purity standards.

  •  Xian Taima’s our Pure nicotine is used exclusively for the manufacture of e liquids.
  •  Xian Taima’s Liquid nicotine exceeds the USP standard.
  • Xian Taima’s Pure nicotine liquid was repeatedly tested to ensure the best purity, uniformity, and quality.
  • Xian Taima’s pure nicotine has COA and MSDS


Because E-liquid manufacturers require stringent raw materials, the purity level of liquid nicotine extracts is a major consideration. At the same time, you need reputable suppliers to provide quality bath products. If the texture, color, smell or taste of nicotine changes slightly, it will seriously damage the delicate flavor of DIY vape juice. When you buy pure nicotine extract from Taima, you never have to worry about this.



Liquid Pure Nicotine Packing & Delivery


Our Products are exported all over the world: America, European countries like UK, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Greece, Finland, Norway, France, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Spain, Latvia, etc. Asia countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, etc. Our products are selling very well in these areas. And other countries like Australia, Salvatore, and so on. What’s more, for the high-quality products and superior service we provide, we’ve been highly appreciated by our customers. We are getting more and more returning customers day by day.

We always use FedEx, TNT,DHL, no any problem

  • Customary Packing: 125ml,500ml,1Liter,5Liter and so on. (can pack according to customers’ request)
  • Packing for Transport: Fluorinated Bottle Aluminum Foil Bag, thick carton
  • MOQ: 1L


Liquid Nicotine Vape Packaging Transport



Liquid Pure Nicotine Read Before Buying


When working with nicotine it is important to have a good knowledge of the potential danger and correct safety practices. Please proceed with caution:

-Wear gloves, or clean spills off your skin immediately.
-Take extreme care to avoid splashing in your eyes.
-Do not mix or treat nicotine liquid around children.
-Store all nicotine liquids in a secure, safe place.
-Make absolutely sure your calculations are correct when mixing doublers with high strength nicotine liquid.

Above all please do some thorough research about safe handling practices, the consequences of spillages, incorrect nicotine mixing, and the symptoms of overdosing on nicotine BEFORE you purchase it.


Liquid Pure Nicotine Storage


The shelf life is 2 years.
It’s normal because if the nicotine touches the air, it will oxidize, then the color will change a little. But please don’t worry, the quality won’t change.
It won’t influence the usage.
If you want to keep a clear color.

  • It’s better to keep it away from light;
  • Low-temperature storage

You can put the nicotine refrigerator storage at low temperature, the temperature control in 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. The Color change can be effectively controlled.


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