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With the development of electronic cigarettes, vape flavors more and more. However, markets in different regions have their own vape flavors preferences. I will detail the Vape flavor in different regions.

Vape Flavors American Market

The fact is that there are many flavors in the US, tobacco series flavors and fruit series flavors are very popular, but in fact, they also prefer mixed vape flavors.


Tobacco series flavor: Marlboro, RY4, State Express/555, Cigar, Camel, Old Captain, Parliament, Cubana, USA-mix, etc.

Fruit series flavor: Rum martini, Whisky, Wine, Grape, Litchi, etc.

Vape Flavors Russia Market

Due to the geographical environment of Russia and the influence of weather and personality. Russians especially prefer tobacco flavors, fruit flavors and mint flavors are less popular.


Tobacco series flavor: Marlboro, Camel, Cohiba, Cigar Cherry, Golden Virginia, Parliament, Black Devil, Captain Black, Captain Black Cherry, etc.

Vape Flavors Ukraine Market

Relative to the Russian region, Ukraine also likes the tobacco series flavors and fruit series flavors.


Tobacco series flavor: Parliament, Winston, Dunhill, Esse, Black tobacco, Old Captain, Cubana, etc.

Fruit series flavor: Aussie Mango, European Mango, Strawberry, Blueberry, Coffee Chocolate, Melon, Kiwi, etc.

Vape Flavor Malaysia Market

It is worth mentioning that Malaysia especially prefers mango flavor.

Like: Mango, Aussie Mango, European Mango, Asian Mango, Gold Mango, Ice Mango


It mainly introduces the vape flavor preferences of these areas. In fact, the flavors of different regions are constantly changing. For example, Malaysia, although still prefers mango flavor, has recently decreased. Vapor’s pursuit of vape flavors is constantly changing. We can’t just prefer a certain flavor. Instead, try to configure new flavors to meet market changes and vapor needs.

Over 500 flavor lists and popular lists. If you need it you can download it. There must be a flavor you like.

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